Psychological Testing

Psychological testing differs from neuropsychological testing in that the emphasis is on understanding underlying psychological factors or psychiatric conditions which may impact daily life and the ability to obtain and maintain healthy relationships, employment, achieve academic goals, or participate in psychotherapy/counseling. Similar to neuropsychological testing, psychological testing includes some portions of cognitive testing, such as general intellectual ability, attention, and executive functioning skills, but emphasis is placed upon understanding personality functioning and emotional health rather than underlying neurological functioning. Psychological testing may include evaluation of ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and other conditions, but also evaluation of depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, and behavioral disorders.

Psychological testing may require between 4 to 6 hours of assessment as well as a feedback session to review your results. The doctors of CNS are able to provide psychological testing for adolescents and adults; results can be helpful in determining necessity for educational planning (i.e., IEP or 504 accommodations); assessing need for psychiatric medication; aiding in treatment planning for therapy and counseling services.  Please contact Dr. Daniel for additional information about psychological testing for you or your child.

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