Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment

Pediatric Neuropsychological evaluations can help parents or guardians of children and adolescents with various neurological , academic, behavioral, or psychiatric conditions affecting school performance or in-home behavior, and  learn more about their child’s neurocognitive strengths and weaknesses. Neuropsychological evaluations can also help parents learn how their child’s cognitive profile and behavioral and emotional symptoms may contribute to problems encountered in an academic and/or social environment and what interventions should follow based on the results of the evaluation.

Because of the significant amount of changes seen in the brain during childhood and adolescence, it is standard practice to reassess children yearly, or when significant behavioral, academic, or cognitive changes are seen. A single assessment completed in early childhood will likely not fully capture their ability level in later grades, nor will it be able to fully predict future challenges and areas of relative strength.

While we understand that it is not always desirable to have your child miss class for several hours, the impact of fatigue after a full day of school can cause difficulties with assessment and results, sometimes to the point of results being invalid or not fully representative of your child’s actual ability level.  For this reason, we do ask that you plan on your child missing 2-4 hours of school in order to complete the assessment.

Please bring a snack, and if needed, lunch, for your child.  We do take plenty of rest breaks, but growing bodies do need fuel, especially when they are being asked to put forth cognitive effort during testing. Additionally, please bring previous evaluations, IEPs, current report cards, and relevant medical records.

For children who are taking medications for inattention/ADHD/ADD, please do not give your child his or her doses of medication the day before or day of testing. In order to best understand your child’s ability level, it is most helpful for us to assess him or her in an unmedicated condition.

Neuropsychological and psychological testing is a long process; expect for your child to be tired at the completion of testing. If they are struggling during testing (overly nervous, disruptive, fatigued, etc), please know that we will contact you immediately and ask you to step in to help. If your child is uncooperative or too fatigued for testing, we will need to reschedule the session.

We do give out prizes/reinforcers as needed; please let us know if you do not wish for your child to receive a prize during testing (typically a small toy or sticker).

Please make note of the additional fees not covered by your insurance: this includes computerized assessment and reporting as well as supplies and testing fees. These fees may total $100 and need to be paid at the time of your first appointment.

If your child is sick or showing signs of an illness, please call to reschedule your appointment.  We have a strict “no sickies” policy here to keep our staff and patients healthy!

Children and adolescents presenting with the following challenges may benefit from such an evaluation:

• difficulty reading, writing, spelling, or math
• difficulty learning and remembering information
.• difficulty with communication
• unable to concentrate or pay attention

•difficulty completing homework or tasks
•. trouble getting along with family, friends, or teachers
• abnormal or anti-social behaviors

* Learning disabilities (LD)
* Dyslexia
* Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),
* Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
* Asperger’s disorder
* Epilepsy
* Concussion
* Head injury
* Stroke
* Multiple sclerosis
* Brain tumors
* Genetic disorders
* Chronic Medical Conditions
* Cerebral Palsy
* Spina Bifida
* Tourette’s Disorder or Tic Disorders
* Intellectual or developmental Disabilities

* Behavioral and emotional disorders

Dr. Daniel’s evaluation can assist physicians,  other healthcare professionals, parents,  teachers, or special education advocates, attorneys  with the diagnosis and treatment of children with developmental and neurological disorders. She also works closely with families, teachers and other important team members to design and carry out treatment recommendations.

Please call or email us for more information or to schedule an appointment in our San Juan Capistrano office. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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